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The possibilities to achieve a sustainable economy and lifestyle have never been greater. As has been the urgency for doing so: trends in fields like greenhouse gas emissions, energy and resource consumption, deforestation and extinction of species or ensuring social basics for billions of people are still not sustainable. Technologies, knowledge, capital and willingness are increasingly available to make the change. However, progress is still too slow. We have to increase efforts and accelerate the transition to reach steady-sustainability with a protected environment, social security and economic success in balance. 


This is the starting point for time2sustain: we want to help companies and cities to accelerate the transition to sustainability. We develop innovative methods and solutions which help them to improve sustainability performance, identify solutions and best practices and speed-up their implementation.


We support sustainability and CSR managers, functional specialists and management staff to provide best possible decision support and tools, which effectively help to speed-up the transition to sustainability.

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